About The Books

Spencer Johnson’s international bestselling books are brief stories with remarkable insights and practical tools that have helped millions of people become happier and more successful with less stress, at work and in life.

The books signature simplicity and straightforward narrative style have made them among the most popular and widely read books in the world.

The fictional characters in all of Dr. Johnson’s stories deal with many of the same issues most people face in real life. As the stories progress, readers find universal truths they can use themselves.

Many of the author’s books draw on material he has been developing and using himself for a long time before he writes them. The first drafts of the manuscripts are often created many years ahead of publication and tested with early readers. Based on reader responses, the books are continually improved, until the author learns from enough people that the story is really very helpful to them in their work and lives. Then the books are published worldwide.

Often in turbulent times, there is a book that resonates with an extraordinary number of people. In 1982, when Americans were competing with Japanese workers and looking for ways to deal with their work and life, The One Minute Manager, co-author with Ken Blanchard, with over 15 million copies in print, provided a popular prescription for gaining more meaningful success and in less time.

In 1998, when change began to accelerate at an unprecedented rate, Who Moved My Cheese? —An A-Mazing Way to Deal with Change, with more than 28 million copies, became one of the most widely translated and influential books of all time. On Amazon.com’s Tenth Anniversary, it was named the #1 bestselling book title in Amazon’s history.

In 2009, just when many felt the need was the greatest, Peaks and Valleys: Making Good and Bad Times Work for You—At Work and in Life, appeared as a remarkably timely tale and became another international bestseller. Beyond the reliable principles and tools found in the book, it is also perhaps Dr. Johnson’s most intimate book, based on his own experiences and personal observations.

In 2010, as many parents are looking for ways to help their children deal with a challenging world, A ValueTales Treasury: Stories For Growing Good People, will be published. — a way for children to discover universal values they can use to become stronger and happier.

Based on the original ValueTale books, with over 10 million copies in print, the new ValueTales Treasury is a collection of five stories, that have now been re-imagined and re-illustrated for a new generation. The first volume in the new series will be published by Simon & Schuster in October 2010.

The author, named The King of Parables by USA Today, has said, “It’s not what’s in the parable that is so valuable. It’s what you personally take out of it and use that is most valuable. “The credit goes, not to the author, but to the reader.”

We hope you enjoy reading and using these books.